Wood processing industry: Exports to the season, which can not be active.


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Wood processing industry: Exports to the season, which can not be active.

Many businesses produce goods sold in the domestic market that, in 2013 revenue will likely decrease by 20 % compared to 2012 due to weak purchasing power . Meanwhile , in the Company confirmed export revenues will equal or even exceed last year .

* Domestic consumption slow

Director Pte Minh Thien , Nguyen Anh Tho specialize in producing wooden products for domestic consumption in Tan Hoa ( Bien Hoa ) , suggesting that it is difficult to assert the domestic furniture market this year better last year or not , because there is still no nothing about production fluctuations . According to his Life , trim carpentry industry in late season water by both manufacturers and dealers are cautious , not wanting to be " buried " in the capital goods long time . Typically , between September and Business establishments were worried woodworking capital to purchase raw materials and production part , but now very few who lend money for purchasing power decline .

The manufacturing facility is always inventory , the number of rows required to produce the workers . " Every model in the country has not changed much should not be afraid of fashion , but slowly, capital consumption is not revolving . A few years before selling so well this time , many companies have to borrow money from banks to stocks of raw materials . But this year, most of which produced only by family , or borrow very little " - he said Tho . Furniture Products Corporate Minh Thien mainly consumed in the central provinces . Ends 9 months of this year , revenue is only 3/4 the same period last year.

At a furniture factory

Currently the facility and carpentry in Tan Bien Hoa Tan is keeping production relatively slow rhythm , some businesses remarks, coming into this year to last November at the end of the production season . Not only changes in production time , the value of the item also fluctuate . Since 2011, the value of the product over 100 million might slow consumption , instead of goods valued at 50 million / sets sell better and younger . Mr. Nguyen Duy Tinh, the owner of a carpentry facility in Tan Bien , or 3 years for the wood base restless, almost no production orders in advance that the form " where do come to sell it ."

* Export - do not worry about the lack of orders

This year , the wood processing enterprises have export orders since August , to this point most businesses have contracts through 2013 , even more units are negotiating orders for 2014. Many companies have had to order from early 2013 , such as : Wooden Peace ( Bien Hoa ) , Ming Thuan Thang , Decision List ( Trang Bom District ) , Imperial Japan Development ( Long Thanh ) ...

In PTE Thuan Thang Minh City , the Company began to organize more overtime 1 hour per day to keep up with deliveries . Many other wood processing companies to hire more workers . According to the Forest Products Association of Dong Nai , trim the wood processing enterprises export orders well this year , but a number of better economic market should improve purchasing power , the shift of market entry export of commercial companies in the world to find goods left China in other Asian countries , including Vietnam has created a great opportunity .

According to Dong Nai


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